Para abrir la puerta ( OpenTheDoor )

Para abrir la puerta ( OpenTheDoor ) 2.1



Hello. One-man Developer Myung Ho Kang. Ask a lot of attention.

Please try to open the door by passing through the dungeon and maze of darkness. ^^

Game way

- How can we move the hero. Bottom of the screen, you will be able to move the hero by using the left and right button and jump button.

- Is a very slow hero. If Kudasare with the blue speed items, speed will gradually faster. ^^

Is the jump is not. You can once the jump if Kudasare contains one red color jump item. You can be the two entered Once double jump. Three consecutive jump After having three. Four five. . . ^^

- The shoe to drink the specified position the tax evasion items please try to use the So tax evasion item me I can not go hit the wall?. You may have to move.

· Game do you want to resume. Please touch the top right corner of the screen reset icon.

- It? Do you want O to turn off the sound and effects the upper left corner of the screen, please touch the icon that stops. Effects off and sound off, game room, there is a button.

· Recommendation specification

- This game has been produced based on the IPAD. (Iphone even become great play ^^)

- If you download only once in the universal app can be played in the iphone and ipad.

Game Features

- There is a mission and a maze of different for each level.

- Worry of data you are good without. Wi-Fi, also I can play without communication company data.

Para abrir la puerta ( OpenTheDoor )


Para abrir la puerta ( OpenTheDoor ) 2.1